Have you ever imagined the scenery: In the beautiful evening, you are sitting on the top looking at the streets of the passersby, the cool summer winds in the sky, sitting chatting with friends, looking at the stars, listening to some hot songs and “EATING”? Would that be great?

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Matcha in Japanese is known as “green tea”, an indispensable ingredient in Japanese desserts and drinks. Matcha is a pure green tea powder made by Zen Masters. Matcha is considered as a Japanese medicine, helping beautiful skin and increasing longevity. Understanding the uses of matcha, Japanese chef at TOKYO BBQ has researched a unique Matcha cakes of the restaurant. Desserts with the color, pure and sweet, suitable for use after meals are high in nutrients, green tea cake helps digestion and is especially suitable for dieters.

Matcha cake promises to be the best desserts at a restaurant that everyone must try when it comes to TOKYO BBQ.


The VIP room will be a private space suitable for partner meetings or special occasions, each rooms individually designed bring rich experiences and through which the guests will be better understood about the unique culture of Japan.

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