Have you ever imagined the scenery: In the beautiful evening, you are sitting on the top looking at the streets of the passersby, the cool summer winds in the sky, sitting chatting with friends, looking at the stars, listening to some hot songs and “EATING”? Would that be great?

Come to TOKYO BBQ you will experience that great feeling!

Located in the heart of Hue City, TOKYO BBQ is one of the most striking, strangest and most popular, BBQ – SUSHI promises to be the ideal destination for discerning guests.

TOKYO BBQ with breathtaking views offers a varied variety of restaurant space suitable for a variety of diners. Floor space 1 – 2 will make us think of the modern city of Tokyo, crowded.  And the open space on the 3rd – 4th floor will be quiet and airy as it brings us to a peaceful countryside of Tokyo. Diners will have many choices from seating space to a variety of dishes with many prices from the popular to the premium.

Not only famous for the freshest ingredients selected by the closed cycle, TOKYO BBQ also has a Sushi Bar area where the convergence of Japanese cuisine, raw fresh Sashimi is made at the hands of the skilled chef. All will blend and create a very Japanese space between Hue city.

TOKYO BBQ with a mission to bring ancient capital a Japanese culture, a color of modern Tokyo, vibrant but still retain the inherent sophistication of Hue. TOKYO BBQ will be the ideal choice for diners who want to enjoy the cuisine of Japan and immersed in the beauty of a TOKYO culture in the heart of HUE.


Sushi Bar is where you will see first-class chefs of TOKYO BBQ prepare the finest sashimi and sushi from the selected ingredients. Besides, there are many delicious wines from Japan, Korea, and also the famous wine brands of Europe.


The VIP room will be a private space suitable for partner meetings or special occasions, each rooms individually designed bring rich experiences and through which the guests will be better understood about the unique culture of Japan.